ProFrameware® is the next generation of real business intelligence. Using the ProOrbis® Framework to create, classify, integrate and link all of a firm’s relevant data to value allows executives to structure information in a way that informs management decisions.

ProFrameware® produces Metadata Structures and Model Logic that, when combined with a configuration of tools, produce a decision support system for the enterprise. ProFrameware® projects result in an enhanced data management capability that is used to describe, explain and predict how investments have or will create value to enable fact-based and value-oriented decision-making.

ProFrameware® offerings include:

  • Customized Metadata Structure
  • Information Systems Architecture
  • Available Data Assessment
  • Dashboard Construction
  • Model Logic
  • Transaction and Modeling Tools

The ProOrbis® Method

The foundation for all ProOrbis work is the break-through strategic Framework and analytic techniques that redefine management science.

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Enterprise Applications

ProOrbis® Enterprise Applications are tools and techniques configured to real business situations and designed for the individual client’s need.

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