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ProOrbis, LLC is a boutique strategy and management consulting firm located in Malvern, Pennsylvania. ProOrbis is a leading innovator of management theory and applications which set the standard for managing the value of investments in an enterprise and maximizing returns. The ProOrbis® Framework is a unique combination of paradigm shifting theories and analytic techniques, applied to real-world business challenges with project management, change facilitation and executive development that produce transformational results. Although this approach addresses the performance of all tangible and intangible organizational assets, it is particularly deep in managing human capital; the most misunderstood and “under-worked” asset; creating significant productivity improvement opportunities for organizations, industries, and countries.

ProOrbis clients are generally leaders in their categories, often with a long track record of success. They range in size and nature, but are often complex, global businesses with a wealth of expertise. ProOrbis’ strategy and management consulting brings a new perspective to help them meet the next challenge – dramatic growth, productivity improvement, or migration to a new market by uncovering opportunities and a path to seize them. A ProOrbis project is ideal for senior executives who are new to their positions and need a fresh, comprehensive perspective as well as established executives who are staging for a major shift in the organization’s growth or profitability.

ProOrbis is a small strategy and management consulting firm founded in 1998. They have been a member of WBENC (Woman Business Enterprise National Certification) since 2006, a member of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce since 2014, and have had a GSA Schedule 874 MOBIS (Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services) contract since 2003 to deliver services to Federal Government clients.

All ProOrbis products and services are built on ProOrbis’ proprietary methodologies that were developed by the Principal, Jeanne DiFrancesco. ProOrbis has developed an entire suite of unique and trademarked applications of these methodologies. ProOrbis consultants apply these methodologies to a wide range of real world issues. These methodologies may only be employed by ProOrbis and licensed clients, partners, or vendors.

ProOrbis’ clients are licensed and trained to use the application developed specifically for them, which often leads to performance improvements even while a project is underway. This is different from many consulting organizations that do not transfer capabilities to the client. Also, unlike other consulting organizations that focus on cost reductions, ProOrbis methods provide tools for value creation and return on investment.


The GPCC Membership logo is a trademark of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.



The ProOrbis® Method

The foundation for all ProOrbis work is the break-through strategic Framework and analytic techniques that redefine management science.

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Analytics Applications

ProOrbis® Analytics Applications are deployed in a wide variety of tools designed to support more intelligent decision-making.

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