Interviewing with ProOrbis

Interviewing with ProOrbis is an extensive, interactive learning process. Just as we deploy a “learn/do” model when teaching our clients our advanced management science methods (the ProOrbis® Method), we also utilize this approach with you, our candidates. In today’s business world, what you know is less valuable than how quickly you can learn and apply that learning towards the delivery of value. Thus, our “learn/do” approach allows us to see how your skills and creativity translate into real results while allowing you to learn the basics of our innovative methods and to gauge how much you enjoy the type of work we do. It is your opportunity to learn about us while we get the opportunity to learn about you. To position yourself for success, you should familiarize yourself with our interview process, our work and our company and come prepared and excited to learn and to teach us about your interests and abilities.

Typically, the interview process starts with a phone interview followed by subsequent round(s) of skills-based and office interviews.  At each step of the process, you will have the opportunity to showcase your fit, enthusiasm and skills, and before a final hiring decision is made, you will have met several members of the staff.

  1. Phone Interview: The first interview will determine general fit for the work and the company. You should be prepared to discuss your resume, skills, and past analytical experiences, as well as your interest in ProOrbis and management consulting. We are looking to understand your relevant skills and gauge your interest level in our company.  Passion and commitment for our work is a true imperative.
  2. ProOrbis® Method Online Assessment: The assessment is designed to measure your ability to quickly learn and apply new concepts, as well as give you an introduction to the ProOrbis® Method. You will be provided introductory, publicly available articles on the ProOrbis® Method and asked to apply the concepts introduced in the materials to a real business situation. This assessment is not unlike our client work – if you enjoy this exercise, then you will likely enjoy performing the analyses we conduct for our clients. We do not expect candidates to get the assessment 100% correct; however, if you demonstrate aptitude in applying the ProOrbis® Method, you will be invited to our office for a series of in-person interviews.
  3. In-Person Interview(s):  The in-person interview(s) will provide more detailed  insight into your analytical skills, personality, and your potential fit for the position and the company.
    • Assessment Review: -During an in-person interview, a ProOrbis staff member will review the results of your online assessment with you. The discussion will supplement your learning to date by building on your understanding of the ProOrbis® Method, and the concepts covered in the assessment review will be relevant for the succeeding case interview. The assessment review process represents another “real” ProOrbis training experience, as we review and provide feedback to our clients in the same manner.
    • Wonderlic® Aptitude and Personality Tests: During an in-person interview,  you will also complete a set of personality and aptitude tests to assess your overall fit with our culture and provide us additional insight into your capabilities. Respond to the personality questions as quickly and honestly as you can. A “fit” doesn’t simply mean that you’re a good candidate for this job but also that this company is a good fit for you.
    • Case Study: Another component of the in-office interview is the ProOrbis case study which allows candidates to apply ProOrbis® Method concepts to solve a client’s complex business challenge with limited information and within a tight timeframe. The case study mirrors ProOrbis’ client engagements as ProOrbis consultants and analysts are frequently challenged with situations requiring fast turnarounds where little information is provided. You will be provided with a laptop equipped with Microsoft Office to supplement your analysis. After the time has expired, you will present your conclusion and discuss the results. The results discussion is yet another opportunity to understand the ProOrbis Method and experience our approach to training.

The case study is the final culmination of what you have learned from the readings, online assessment, and assessment review. We use this case study to assess your analytical skills and aptitude in applying ProOrbis® Method concepts.  You are not expected to understand complex ProOrbis® Method concepts. However, the case study and the preparation provided throughout the interview process are designed to support and enable your learning and success.

Understanding our “learning by doing” interview process as well as being able to demonstrate fit at ProOrbis are the keys to success. Below are some general tips to keep in mind as you prepare:
Know your resume: Bring copies of your resume, transcript, sample work products and any other materials you would like to share. Know your resume inside and out. Be prepared to discuss anything on it in detail and how it may relate to our work and the position for which you are applying.

Know yourself: Be prepared to discuss your skills and experience and have unique examples prepared that demonstrate them. Consider framing your experiences under the “STAR” method – outline the Situation, explain your Task, describe your Actions, and conclude with the Result.

Know us: Know our company’s background, what we do and how we do it. You will have an opportunity to ask questions throughout the interview process. This is your chance to demonstrate your knowledge of the company. Be sure to have relevant, engaging and appropriate questions prepared.

Know how to tackle a case: Although our case study differs from most typical consulting firms, you should still be familiar with how to tackle case interviews. There are many valuable resources, both online and in print, that show how to excel in a case interview setting. Additionally, you should be, at a very minimum, able to perform basic Excel functions and put together a PowerPoint presentation, as you will likely use these tools during the case interview. During your time at ProOrbis, your skills in these products will certainly increase, but this is yet another opportunity to demonstrate your skills and talents.


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