ProOrbis® Enterprise Transformations

The ProOrbis® Enterprise Transformation is the signature Application of the ProOrbis® Framework. These projects tend to be enterprise-wide, comprehensive, and designed to produce dramatic growth, productivity improvement or migration to a new market, by uncovering opportunities and a path to seize them. As ProOrbis and clients work through any challenge, the project approach begins with high-level architectures in all areas of the model and then drills down to more detailed designs. Change management is not a “separate event,” but rather is built into the process. This integrated approach ensures that decisions are made in the right order, the links to value are always present, and remarkable shifts occur with speed and discipline — creating excitement, momentum for change and real-world results.

The ProOrbis® Framework is applied to each enterprise through a licensed Application that is customized for each client. Highly skilled, ProOrbis-certified staff design projects to create a high return on the client’s investment in the Transformation project. This can range from designing projects that clients can execute on their own, to facilitated projects in which ProOrbis develops tools for the client to use, to heavily resourced projects for our clients who do not have project resources available. All ProOrbis projects are a world-class development experience for the internal staff involved, which creates significantly enhanced capability within the company.

Advanced Optimization Applications are available for clients who have completed a Transformation and have the requisite capabilities to use more advanced ProOrbis® Methods.

Transformation Phases:

  • Project Architecture: Develop an integrated, requirements-driven, value-focused project plan while engaging and indoctrinating project team.
  • Assessment: Rapidly “recast” the current business to make optimal use of existing strategies and plans and identify the opportunities for dramatic improvement.
  • Strategy: Choose the solutions to these opportunity areas and plan the migration over time.
  • Design: Craft the details of the solutions – identify the capabilities (competence and capacity) and determine the asset shifts required.
  • Transition / Implementation: Develop a plan for “going live” with the designs and transitioning from the current to the new design.
  • Monitor and Upgrade: Ongoing support for the management team to advise on implementation strategies and “tune up” as uncertainties clarify over time.

Our goal is to leave our clients with the enhanced capability to dramatically improve their own performance


The ProOrbis® Method

The foundation for all ProOrbis work is the break-through strategic Framework and analytic techniques that redefine management science.

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Analytics Applications

ProOrbis® Analytics Applications are deployed in a wide variety of tools designed to support more intelligent decision-making.

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