One of the hallmarks of the ProOrbis approach is world-class analytics, particularly in the measurement of human capital. Dashboards focus on identifying the measures that indicate how well the strategy is being executed (in terms of productivity). They are constructed to be causally linked, which distinguishes ProOrbis’ analytics from traditional inferential analytics. This causally linked dashboard is designed to connect all aspects of an organization’s capabilities, from mission-oriented performance (such as equity market performance or mission success) to performance of individual capabilities (such as marketing or operations), to the return on both tangible and intangible assets, and through to the performance of plans and programs that manage assets. Dashboards can be cascaded from the highest organizational view to the individual level. ProOrbis analytics are designed to “tell the story” of the strategy being executed and to support management decisions by describing, explaining and predicting how asset investments generate value.

To learn more about how ProOrbis applies the framework to real-world situations see our Consulting Approach.


The ProOrbis® Method

The foundation for all ProOrbis work is the break-through strategic Framework and analytic techniques that redefine management science.

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Analytics Applications

ProOrbis® Analytics Applications are deployed in a wide variety of tools designed to support more intelligent decision-making.

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