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Feb 11-13, 2014: The 17th Annual Rainbow PUSH Wall Street Project Economic Summit

January 29th, 2014 by ProOrbis

Jeanne DiFrancesco, Principal, will be a speaker at the Wall Street Project Economic Summit held in New York, NY on Wednesday, February 12th which is sponsored by the Citizenship Education Fund and Rainbow PUSH Coalition. Ms. DiFrancesco was invited to lead a visionary discussion on the nature of work and the U.S. workforce in the decades to come. Ms. DiFrancesco will examine trends in employment over the past 10 years and what technology, geopolitical, and social trends will mean for the jobs of the future. She will also explore how and why jobs are changing, how this may affect wages and careers, and how organizations can navigate the shifting landscape to achieve success.  Finally, she will describe how human capital strategies can be developed and used to inform investment decisions in employees, communities and public policy to achieve higher incomes, fuller employment, stronger profitability and a more stable and sustainable economy.

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Time: 11:00am
Event Date: Feb 12th
Location: Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel



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