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International Space Development Conference 2012

April 25th, 2012 by ProOrbis

Jeanne DiFrancesco, Principal, will be a speaker at the International Space Development Conference held in Washington D.C. on Saturday May 26th.  Ms. DiFrancesco was invited to discuss ProOrbis’ ROI concepts with respect to commercial development opportunities in space based on ProOrbis’ expertise in managing return on investment and the International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory Reference Model.

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Time: 3:00
Event Date: May 26th
Location: Grand Hyatt / Washington, D.C.

Utilizing the ISS – From Basic Research to New Industries
Jeanne DiFrancesco

Evidenced by reports such as the draft April House Appropriations Committee Report pg 71, policymakers are anxious for the International Space Station to demonstrate its long-term value as a research and technology development facility.  ProOrbis is the author of the ISS U.S. National Laboratory Reference Model, which is an independent report commissioned by NASA in 2010 that developed a model organization designed to maximize the value to the American people of our nation’s investment in the ISS. It defines a novel approach to establishing both a stable pipeline of funding for the most promising research using research pathways – a process for connecting basic research, applied research and practical applications as well as a community of interest for the corporations, universities, research institutions, STEM organizations, students, and individuals involved in these projects.  The ISS NL Reference Model was the basis for CASIS’ proposal, the nonprofit organization selected to manage the ISS National Laboratory.

Jeanne DiFrancesco, Principal of ProOrbis LLC, will discuss how advanced management science can be used to create state-of-the-art enterprises for managing both basic and applied research and how the ISS can play a vital role in the development of a vibrant commercial space industry – one that inspires the next generation of scientists and engineers.  By deploying advanced management science to the managing of government assets, fractional amounts of government funds can be used to produce significant value and achieve important national objectives.  These new techniques can help the U.S. assure we are able to support the vital role the government must play in developing space-oriented markets within our ever tightening federal budgetary constraints.

About ProOrbis: ProOrbis is a leading innovator of management theory and applications that set the standard for managing the value of investments in an enterprise and maximizing returns. ProOrbis is a small business founded in 1998. They have been a member of WBENC (Woman Business Enterprise National Certification) since 2006 and have had a GSA Schedule 874 MOBIS (Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services) contract since 2003 to deliver services to Federal Government clients.  For more information visit

About the ISS U.S. National Laboratory Reference Model: Public Law 111-267 included specific direction to the NASA Space Operations Mission Directorate (SOMD) to establish an independent research management organization for the U.S. share of ISS utilization capacity. This direction was consistent with findings and recommendations contained in the Nov 2009 GAO report on “ISS: Significant Challenges May Limit Onboard Research.” Many studies have been conducted over the past decade by NASA and others regarding approaches to managing U.S. utilization of the ISS.

In response to the recent GAO recommendations, SOMD reviewed all prior studies and elected to commission an independent assessment by an objective third party.  ProOrbis, LLC was selected to conduct the assessment based on two factors: (1) ProOrbis is a management consulting firm specializing in the re-positioning of sophisticated high technology assets for maximum value generation, and; (2) ProOrbis had no prior history in the civil space sector and thus offered freedom from predisposed biases. In June 2010, ProOrbis was formally tasked to provide within 90 days a “reference model” for an organization and strategic approach that could maximize the value to the nation for the U.S. share of the ISS. The ProOrbis final report, “Reference Model for the ISS U.S. National Laboratory” is the result of that effort. (Source: NASA)


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