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Nature Partner Journal Publishes Paper Co-Written by Principal, Jeanne DiFrancesco

May 27th, 2015 by ProOrbis

ProOrbis Economics of Microgravity(Nature)ProOrbis is proud to announce the publication of The Economics of Microgravity by NPJ Microgravity, part of the Nature Publishing Group’s Partner Journal Series.  ProOrbis was asked to write this article based on  our extensive experience with the space industry.  In the article written by Jeanne DiFrancesco and John Olson, the concept of the economics of microgravity is explored by examining the existing landscape and beginning to define the requirements for a robust, well-funded microgravity research environment.

Microgravity, as defined by the National Research Council, is a gravity-related phenomenon that is either directly affected by reduced gravity or becomes significant as the gravity level is reduced.  Conducting experiments in a microgravity environment has the potential for discoveries that can both improve life on Earth and advance our understanding of space.  The past 60 years have seen tremendous growth in the capabilities and resources available to conduct microgravity science.  This article chronicles the history, the opportunities, and how the decisions made today will create and shape the future of the microgravity industry.

A special thanks to the ProOrbis Staff team for supporting the research and writing efforts of the article, including Christine Bacher, Michael Hatheway, Aaron Rogers, and Brian Tuohy.


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